Distorting worthiness

Tracy, Uncontrollably Me
2 min readMar 4, 2022

Ok y’all, my previous post was sweet tea (ish) and here is the bourbon…

I want to clear something up that seems to have been missed quite a bit in this self-development space but seems so obvious when pointed out about others. And that is the distortion that can come when you finally remember how valuable you are, but at the cost of forgetting that others are too.

You see this showing up as demands to be seen and heard. Blasting your energy on and into others, raging or collapsing when needs aren’t met.

There is an absolute necessity to take up space and it cannot happen when it lands your space over or onto another’s.

You are a spark of the divine, my love, and so is every living being on this planet. Humans, plants, creatures, water. Your divinity should be a reflection onto others, not at their expense. It should elicit boundaries of sovereignty, not manipulative power. It should bring more harmony to your life not pulverize those who share space with you.

Your divinity is not demanding or commanding. And it is certainly not up to anyone else to show you your preciousness if it costs them theirs.

I’m not saying don’t speak up for yourself, or play small, or invalidate your needs. Y’all know me better than that by now. I am saying you get to do all those things through the lens of divine love and so does everyone else.

In my racial equity course my teacher has us practicing holding the charge of our feelings and emotions before we express them with another. And I think it applies in all situations. Not to bury them, but to excavate them and see them, really get with the complexity of it all with our pasts and experiences.

I encourage you all to try it. Get with the reaction before you respond.

Before making a demand on anyone or anything else in this life, hold up the mirror and ask if you’ve done it for yourself. Are you?

This is a work in progress. It’s not meant to shame or call anyone out. It’s a reflection. Take what works, leave what doesn’t, stay curious about both.

As always, go gently. You do matter.

Tracy, Uncontrollably Me

Somatic practitioner & multimodal soul guide for sacred healing & initiation. Trauma-responsive. Also, human. Reclaim, embody, breathe, align.