Returning to the beat of my heart on the AT.

  • Even when the path is hard to see there are always guides, signs, and reminders to help open your eyes to the right way.
  • You can branch off the path, but you will be guided back without fail. Wandering is not lost, as the saying goes.
  • Even if you do not reach the end, your journey is what matters. It is where the living is.
  • Sometimes your path takes you off track a bit, you must see it through to find all of the beauty in life, it is there just beyond the comfort zone.
  • Take time to enjoy all that surrounds you.
  • Obstacles may be just the test you need, to make you stronger, better.
  • Not everyone has been through exactly what you have, but we have all faced struggles and challenges on this path of life.”

Thank you for reading!



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Tracy, Uncontrollably Me

Tracy, Uncontrollably Me

Soul Worker, Self-healing life coach, breathwork facilitator & meditation guide. Let’s chat! IG: @uncontrollably_me